NBPIRG – Bringing About Another Revolution in Protecting the Environment

We, at NBPIRG, have joined hands to bring about a revolutionary change in protecting the only planet we have from global warming, Mother Earth. We, as an organization, are committed to exhibiting with inspiring examples of the way the environment can be protected, cared for, and treated in a way that can slowly, but surely, make the world a safer and a better place to live, for current as well as future generations.
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Unique Approach: Terrariums and Vivariums

NBPIRG applies a holistic approach in spreading awareness through fun camps, activities, newsletters, drives, seminars and a host of events in order to bring about a positive change in attitude and the minds of people, which finally leads to application of simple yet crucial principles in their day-to-day lives. We also use terrariums and vivariums to promote the use of plants to help the oxygen quality of the Earth. These simple proven principles are designed and taught by environmental experts and scientists who strongly believe that our planet is in desperate need for care… So, changes have to be made before it’s too late!

Collaboration with R&D labs

Our collaboration with various environmental research labs has helped our members in having a deeper understanding of what’s actually going on with our environment and what could be the effect if we do not start taking steps for conservation. Each aspect of the environment is studied separately with case studies and statistics. We involve interested members in conducting surveys and seminars, putting them right onto the field, which makes every one of them sensitive to the environment. Our studies prove how each contribution, no matter how small, can actually make a huge difference in the long run.

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